I am not formally trained in art, indeed not. The short story is I started like everybody else back in the days grabing pencil and paper and drawing people for the most part or trying to. Eventually my experiments led to oil and acryilic paint on canvas. I also tried installations, mural paintings, mixed media and some silk screening. All these before the arrival of computers and graphic programs.

The great advantage of Adobe Photoshop is I got away from canvases, brushes, paints, scaffolds and everything else I needed to make art but a laptop. An extra perk is I can work quicker and leaner accomplishing results very unique to this tool.

If there is some consistency in my art is subject matter which have always been social stratification, politics, religion, sexuality and rooting for the underdog in general. All very human issues nothing esoteric or hard to understand. The definition of my art nowdays is the representation of my opinions on the subjects mentioned through pictoric means. I intend my work to have a message.

Tito Victoriano is a 1995 Master Teaching Artists from The State of Connecticut Commission on the Arts.


tv@titovictoriano.com - 786.250.1443 - Miami, FL 33196


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